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Mark O'Neill's story

"We found Leigh Day to be considerate, approachable, attentive and professional" – Mark O'Neill
Mark, 37, was cycling along when he was hit by a car driver turning right into a side road and was knocked from his bike.  The driver promptly fled the scene of the crash leaving Mark in the road seriously injured.  Nearby a witness to the crash were able to call the emergency services but Mark had suffered a high level spinal cord injury which has left him tetraplegic and a wheelchair user. At the time of the collision Mark worked as a senior employee in a recycling company and had a young family with his partner Paula. Mark lost his job when he was injured as it would have been impossible for him to continue in the role.

Having suffered such a severe injury, Mark faced the long rehabilitation process that he had to go through with grit and determination.  Since his injury he has completed the London Marathon twice, and recently qualified as a fitness instructor.  He continues to take part in wheelchair racing and lives his life to the full.

Mark's lawyer, Sally Moore was able to secure interim payments for Mark which paid for his loss of earnings, rehabilitation, therapies, specialist equipment, and, most importantly of all, the purchase and adaptation of a house in North London suitable for Mark and his family.  The adaptations to the house including a lift, wet room, assistive living designed kitchen, electronic front door, wider hallways and doors have enabled Mark to be independent in his own home.

Mark and Paula commented:

“We are very happy and feel very lucky with the way things have turned out.  We love our house and, all being well, the settlement should ensure that our family enjoy a relatively comfortable life.  We have found Sally and all those connected with Leigh Day to be considerate, approachable, attentive and professional”.

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